Personal trainer in Menorca

Personal trainer en Menorca

If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Menorca, then you’re on the right website. In we have a complete and personalized service of personal trainers in Menorca so that you can achieve your goals and get the most out of your workouts with the help of a qualified personal trainer.

More and more people are choosing to hire a personal trainer service due to its many advantages. Among the advantages of having a personal trainer are the customization of your training, the achievement of objectives as well as the monitoring and optimization of each workout.


Personalized training in Menorca

Before starting with personalized training in Menorca, we like to carry out a preliminary interview to get to know each client and find out what his motivations and objectives are. This way we will be able to carry out an initial evaluation before starting with the personalized training. In order for personalized training in Menorca to be as effective as possible, we will develop an individualized and totally personalized training plan taking into account the preferences and tastes of the client, as well as their health problems, objectives or goals. No matter the level, we offer personalized training from basic level to high performance.


Personal training in Menorca

Are you tired of training without getting your goals? Do you want to get the body you dream of? Are you an athlete and you want to improve your performance? Do you finally want to feel healthy? Are you looking for a personal trainer in Menorca? If the answer to any of these questions is affirmative, then you need the personal training service in Menorca that we offer in  Your individualized and trusted personal training service by the hand of Menorca Trainers.


The best personal trainer in Menorca

The best personal trainer in Menorca is waiting for you here. In we offer the best personal trainer services in Menorca so that you can achieve your goals in the most effective way.


Wherever you want! We work at home on the whole island of Menorca or we also offer personal trainer service at our Wellness Center in Ferreries, on Doctor Franco street number 10.


Whenever you want! We have a wide schedule, our personal trainer service can be adapted to your schedules. Call us at 616 895 408 or send us an email to


Personal trainer services in Menorca


· Weight loss and toning

Thanks to cardiovascular exercise, strength-resistance training to increase the basal metabolism and a personalized diet we will be able to lower volume, tone up, burn fat, eliminate cellulite and eliminate those extra pounds. Our personal trainer service in Menorca is at your disposal if you want to lose weight or tone up your body.

· Muscle mass increase

Our exercises are focused on increasing muscle mass and getting a strong and defined body, but always focusing on our health. If you with to get in shape quicker and more efficiently, you can compliment the workouts with a personalized diet. If you want to increase your muscle mass the best option is our personal trainer service in Menorca.

· Overweight children

The 80% of overweight children and teenagers will continue being overweighted when they reach adulthood if they don’t take the necessary mesures, which includes a cardiovascular risk.

It is convenient that the weight loss is progressive and what is pursued, besides eliminating overweight, is to establish a healthy lifestyle, based on a balanced diet and the practice of physical exercise. We design workout plans and diets which are adapted to children and teenagers in order to lose weight and to be in good health. Fight against childhood overweight hand in hand with our personal trainer service in Menorca.

· Fitness for athletes

The perfect complement to perform at your best and avoid injuries. Prepare yourself for competitions and / or improve your sports habits. The functional training will help you to prepare yourself specifically for your sport, even if it is soccer, basketball, tennis, paddle, triathlon or any other kind of sport. The best training for athletes is assured with our personal trainer service in Menorca.

· Entrance exams and physical examinations

If your goal is to pass an entrance exam (national or local police, firefighter, civil guard, forest ranger, maritime rescue, Customs, army, jury guard …) and you want to be fully physically prepared, we have the solution for you. A training aimed at overcoming the specific physical examinations of each Autonomous community. Specific training for your entrance exam with our personal trainer service in Menorca.

· Seniors

In order to have a better quality of life it is essential to perform physical activity.  Even though it must be personalized and adapted to each person having in mind the limitations and pathologies of every customer. We design gymnastics plans for osteoarthritis which lead to excellent results and pain reduction. We work at home throughout Menorca to provide maximum facilities to our elderly users. The best exercises and trainings for seniors hand in hand with our personal trainer service in Menorca.

· Postpartum

Postpartum is the stage of transition in which the mother and her child go from this close relationship that is build during pregnancy to a period of greater autonomy for both child and mum. In this situation, each woman experiences deep physical and psychological changes, new emotions, feelings and responsibilities, as well as important changes in the mother’s physiology, until she returns to a physical condition which is similar to the one she had before pregnancy. Workout can help you to recover your figure. The most effective post-partum training thanks to our personal trainer service in Menorca.

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