Fisioterapia de Suelo Pélvico
y Uro-Ginecología

What is Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy for?

  • Childbirth: Preparation, pelvic mobility to give a good birth and avoid, as far as possible, the feared episiotomies (cut that is made in perineum for giving birth) This is done by a technique called “Perineal Massage”.
  • Post-partum: Recovery, hypopressive abs, treatment of scars, caesarean sections, pain and inflammation.
  • Incontinence in both men and women: It is not normal if pee escapes when jumping, running or going down stairs, it can be treated with physiotherapy and it brings very good results. Ideal in men after prostate surgery. Also appropriate in case of incontinence of gases.
  • Prolapses, pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, constipation, menstrual pain …
  • And a long etc.




Fisioterapeuta Especialista en Suelo Pélvico y Uroginecología