At Menorca Trainers we are at your disposal to keep you health and well-being at a high level. We are specialized in different fields related to health and well-being and we offer a wide range of services in which physiotherapy and personal training are outstanding in Menorca. We are backed not only by our formation and experience within the health, sport and wellbeing fields but also by the satisfaction of the clients who already trust us.

Personal trainer in Menorca

If you are looking for a personal trainer in Menorca you are in the right website. From Menorca Trainers we know how to help you. Our working methodology as personal trainer in Menorca is simple. We love to know our clients and we love to know which goals they have, which concerns they may have and of course, if they have any health related problem. To that end, we offer you an initial meeting free of obligation in which we will be able to get to know each other and start an inicial evaluation. From this point we will set some goals and we will organize a personalized plan adapted to your necessities. As personal trainer in Menorca we will work together to achieve all our goals.

Physiotherapy in Menorca

Another of our specialities is the physiotherapy. We offer physiotherapy services in Menorca in order to help you solve different ailments and discomforts and recover your well-being. Our physiotherapy services in Menorca are very complete and range from the treatment of injuries to the correction of posture, the prevention of future injuries and the relief of pain and discomfort. Do not let the hassles stop you and give them a solution with our specialized physiotherapy services in Menorca. Our wellness center is located in Dr. Franco 11, Ferreries. The Wellness Center of Menorca Trainers has got three full-equipped rooms to perform the personal training seasons as well as our physiotherapy treatments. Furthermore, we have a physiotherapy room located in Street Baix 4, Es Mercadal. Menorca Trainers, your trustworthy personal trainer in Menorca.